Fiona Nave on the Issues

Property Rights

Montanans who make a living here through resource development, agriculture or supporting businesses are the best informed to make decisions about land use regulation. While I understand that owners must have the ability to sell property for the best price, I oppose all Montana land sales to foreign governments or investors.


My father was a legal immigrant in 1946. I welcome all legal immigrants. Illegal immigration undermines the rule of law and takes jobs from citizens. It also brings drugs, human trafficking and cartels to Montana.  The crime rate across Montana cities has increased dramatically due to this influx, and I do not believe that Montanans should have to put up with drug crime and unsafe cities.  This is why I voted to ban sanctuary cities in Montana.

Second amendment

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I have been endorse for the 2022 election by the Montana Shooting Sports Association.  I support constitutional carry and believe that all law-abiding citizens have a right to defend themselves and others.

Public Lands

I will work to preserve access to public lands while examining the BEST way to preserve those lands for future generations. I oppose the sale of public lands as revenue generation. I also oppose Non-profits finding ways to prevent land-owners from best utilizing their own land. 


Responsible development of all energy sources is necessary to fuel the future. I support development of coal, oil and gas. I also support new nuclear technologies that are developed to be modular units that can be used to replace shuttered coal-fired plants. I believe that ultimately nuclear power is the most sustainable and the most environmentally friendly option.

Local Control and School Choice

Parents should be the final authority on what is best for their child's education. I support charter schools, private schools and homeschooling and I believe that with competition and less top-down regulation, our public schools can innovate to become world-class. I support vouchers to help parents choose the best school (including religious schools) for their child. I am currently working on a bill to allow charter schools in Montana as a choice for communities that want to improve their existing educational opportunities.

School Curriculums

As a mathematician, I oppose Common Core. As a hiring manager I have experienced first hand the lack of mathematical understanding that students get from this approach.  I also oppose CRT. CRT teaches that future racism is the only remedy for past racism, but there is no place for teaching racism in Montana schools.

I believe that the current gender curriculums are harmful to students and are designed to desensitize young people to the harmful consequences of alternate lifestyles.  I believe that all sex education should occur in the family and not in the schools.

Finally, we need a strong history and civics program that teaches the highs and lows of American history and how some of the concepts implemented in our founding were originally developed in Europe. We also need a rigorous course on the US Constitution, the Montana Constitution and how our government is supposed to work according to those documents.

Rule of Law

Respect for the Rule of Law is what keeps a free society from descending into anarchy. I oppose criminal justice reforms that reduce sentencing and jail time for repeat offenders. Drug crimes are not "victimless" crimes and require tougher consequences for repeat offenders. I support efforts within the legislature to acquire specific data showing the efficacy of rehabilitation programs in order to determine which programs are working and which should be abandoned. I support our local law enforcement.

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