Fiona Nave on the Issues

Property Rights

Montanans who make a living here through resource development, agriculture or supporting businesses are the best informed to make decisions about land use regulation.


My father was a legal immigrant in 1946. I welcome all legal immigrants. Illegal immigration undermines the rule of law and takes jobs from citizens.

Second amendment

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

Public Lands

I will work to preserve access to public lands while examining the BEST way to preserve those lands for future generations. I oppose the sale of public lands as revenue generation.


Responsible development of all energy sources is necessary to fuel the future. I support development of coal, oil and gas.

Local Control and School Choice

Parents should be the final authority on what is best for their child's education. I support private schools and homeschooling and I believe that with competition and less top-down regulation, our public schools can innovate to become world-class. I support vouchers to help parents choose the best school (including religious schools) for their child. This is how government can encourage public school innovation and improvement.

Common Core

As a mathematician, I oppose Common Core.

Rule of Law

Respect for the Rule of Law is what keeps a free society from descending into anarchy. I oppose all actions to subvert or ignore established laws, such as sanctuary cities.

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